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Mountain Bike Rear Suspension Design Optimisation

mountain bike rear suspension design optimisation

Mountain bike suspension is designed around keeping the wheels in contact with the terrain at all times, increasing traction and also cushioning impacts from the trail. To achieve this, suspension designs have to deal with multiple forces, not only from the ground, but also from pedalling and braking.

Optimal Design of a Compliant Rear Mountain Bike Suspension

The ultimate guide to mountain bike rear suspension systems Explaining how the most popular designs work, plus their potential advantages or shortcomings Share on Facebook


Bikes with a rigid connection to the rear wheel are called ‘hardtails’, bikes with a suspended connection are called ‘full suspension bikes’ – this is the ‘rear suspension’. Function of rear suspension. Rear suspension can have a number of different purposes, from improving comfort to increasing traction in rough terrain.

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Trail forks to suit these frames will usually have a similar travel to the rear suspension (occasionally 10mm more) and this will be from 120mm to 150mm. The upper leg diameter will need to be larger on forks with more travel to stiffen up the chassis, reduce flex and increase steering authority with 34mm or 35mm being a suitable size.

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Rear suspension is found on dual-suspension mountain bikes only. You might hear these referred to as ‘full-sus’ or ‘duallies’ in mountain bike vernacular. As the terrain becomes more challenging, a rear shock will absorb the bigger impacts and keep your wheel tracking on the trail, allowing more control and confidence for the rider.

The 11 Best Full Suspension Mountain Bikes (For Trails)

Is the Horst-link Suspension Design Becoming Irrelevant? By Jason Mitchell on December 3, 2008 43 Comments Over the past 5 years, mountain bike suspension designs have evolved from a few designs (essentially Horst and single-pivot) to a myriad of high-performance suspension designs (VPP, DW-Link, CVA, Maestro, ABP, I-Drive, ICT, ETS and the like).

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Setting up your mountain bike's three main suspension functions (Sag, Rebound, Compression) is an extremely important step you need to take care of before heading out and riding it.Suspension setup can make or brake the way a bike performs and feels, so setting it up for your weight and riding style is key.

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All mountain bike suspension, whether fork or rear shock have 2 main functions which are performed by the spring and the damper. The spring primarily provides resistance while the damper provides the control of that resistance. There are two types of springs: air and coil.

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Full suspension mountain bikes have both front and rear suspension. The front suspension is in the forks, and the rear suspension is fixed between the mountain bike frame and the rear forks. Full suspension mountain bikes are able to absorb so much more of the punishment of the trail’s lumps and bumps than that of its cousin, the hardtail.

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The design of F.O.L.D. is such that the suspension travel is divided into two phases. In the first phase, the characteristic curve of the rear triangle is degressive: the suspension responds extremely sensitively and absorbs even the smallest of bumps and dips, which produces the noticeable extra traction, compared to other rear triangle systems, that is typical of our F.O.L.D. system.

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Built with a lightweight ALUXX aluminum frameset and our innovative FlexPoint rear suspension, Stance is the perfect way to improve your trail-riding game. Its 27.5+ wheel and tire compatibility gives it a plush ride quality that soaks up bumps and adds more traction and stability.

How To Tune An Air Shock On Your Mountain Bike – Adjust Your Rear Suspension

Upgrading the suspension on your mountain bike can be one of the quickest ways to bring life back to a worn down stead. And while swapping out a fork or rear shock sounds simple, there are a few ...

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Commencal's Supreme DH 29 is the fastest bike of 2018 so far, but high pivot, idler-equipped suspension designs have been around for a long time. Aston looks back at some notable examples, and ...

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LIOOBO 2pcs 150mm Bicycle Mountain Bike Rear Suspension Spring Shock Absorber for Mountain Bike Bicycle $27.49 #39. 2018 Fox Shox Float DPS 3-Pos Lever Performance Rear Shock-6.5 x 1.5-SV $319.00 #40. LQKYWNA Spring Alloy Steel Bike Seat Shock Absorber with Scale Adjustable Bicycle Saddle Suspension Device for Comfort Riding MTB Mountain Road ...

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Suspension design refers to the frame itself and how the rear triangle moves. The performance of the suspension is a combination of this design as well as the shock absorber. A shock is responsible for smoothing out the ride by sucking up energy when the rear tire hits an object, or lands from being in the air.

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Guide to mountain bike suspension: An explanation of terms . By Christian Woodcock | Wednesday, Nov 6, 2013. ... but on the rear the travel is usually a lot more than the stroke of the shock itself. This is because of the action of the suspension linkages which magnify the wheel travel. ... A beginner's guide to mountain bike suspension design

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1) Weight: In general, a full suspension bike will be heavier because of the addition of the rear shock and the extra tubes and pivots that all unavoidably add weight.. But if you spend more you can buy a bike that is as light or lighter than hardtail bikes. Remember that you tend to pay more for lighter bikes.

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Suspension 101: Basic Designs We covered some basic concepts and definitions in our first Suspension 101 article, so you should now know the difference between a full suspension and a hardtail, and you should have a pretty good sense of the amount of travel you want in your bike.. Now we delve into suspension design, and how different companies try to achieve the “holy trinity”—how to ...

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• SUSPENSION SETTING & RECOMMENDATIOINS (Air Shock-Equipped Bikes) GIANT cross-country, trail and all mountain bikes feature an air shock equipped Maestro suspension design. Maestro-equipped mountain bikes rely on rear suspension “sag.” Sag (see Basic Terms & Shock Setup Overview on page 3) is a

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Many newer mountain bikes have a full suspension design. In the past, mountain bikes had a rigid frame and a rigid fork. In the early 1990s, mountain bikes started to have front suspension forks. This made riding on rough terrain easier on a rider's arms. The first suspension forks had about 1½ to 2 inches (38 to 50 mm) of suspension travel.

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The 2020 YT Jeffsy Base 29 is the hands-down winner of our Editor's Choice award for the best mountain bike under $2500. It slides right back into the top spot, replacing the 2019 version on the top of the podium, but with 10mm more travel front and rear and an updated modern progressive geometry. This 29er now sports 150mm of travel and a longer and slacker geometry that makes it even more ...

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Reviews of mountain bike suspension, including forks and shocks, from the staff at Bike Magazine.

Mountain Bike Rear Suspension Design Optimisation

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Mountain Bike Rear Suspension Design Optimisation